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Your Education in Beaufort, SC

Enjoy an incomparable quality of life while learning from globally and nationally renowned professors in their fields.

USC Beaufort makes a quality education attainable with many scholarship opportunities for students, both in-state and out-of-state.

The 1795 Scholarship committee also has discipline-specific internships available. Interested students are welcome to fill out our internship inquiry form to receive additional information.

Featured Programs of Study

Biology Honors & Marine Biology

Learn from a world renowned Marine Microbiologist, Dr. Kim B. Ritchie, and Dr. Mercer Brugler, and distinguished Molecular Ecologist, Dr. Daniel (Tye) Pettay.

The coastal location of USCB makes the study of marine biology only natural. As a Marine Biology student you will get hands-on experience from faculty who are microbe hunting for beneficial bacteria on living shark skins, listening for climate change in seasonal fish “songs” for mating, and researching the effects of coastal living on the health of our local waterways. 


“My second semester at USCB I was asked to become a student research assistant working to discover potential new antibiotics from microbes on the skin of sharks. In high school, I would never have thought this was possible. But I have helped publish papers, and I am applying to research-based Post-bacc programs at MUSC, Johns Hopkins, and Yale. Eventually, I’m looking to get an MD-PhD.”

- Alex Jonguitud, Class of 2020

Featured Program of Study


Under the guidance of Department Chair, Brent Morris, PhD., and an award-winning team of renowned historians, earn your History degree in a town surrounded by a 300 year-old city, a National Landmark Historic District and a newly created US National Park!

Become involved with Dr. Morris's Institute for the Study of the Reconstruction Era, the only Higher Ed center or institute in the world dedicated entirely to the study and promotion of the post - Civil War Reconstruction Era, and experience hands-on learning where five centuries of history have unfolded!


"The USCB History program provided both a broad range of information that interested me as a scholar, but also taught research skills and critical thinking that I have used in my diverse career fields, including IT and the legal field. The professors are not only renowned and knowledgeable, but also excited about their respective fields so that their classes are engaging and make you want to learn. Additionally, the faculty are more than happy to help you even after you’ve finished their courses."

– Devin Mock, Class of 2014

Featured Program of Study


Gain experience from Prof. Chris Robinson, M.F.A., who has worked on several projects throughout the globe, focused on the development, role, and mediation of complex science and technology in contemporary culture and how it assists in and influences decision-making.


"USCB’s Studio Art Program provided me the ability and flexibility to explore all mediums of art in an individualized atmosphere. My professors were able to cater my projects to what my interests were, and they were incredibly instrumental in my success after graduation. Living in downtown Beaufort while attending classes on the Beaufort campus was especially wonderful. Because Beaufort is such an arts-focused community, it was always easy to find the help, motivation, and inspiration I needed to succeed in my classes." 

– Emily Simoneau, Class of 2013

Featured Program of Study

Nursing Honors

USCB increases a student’s chance for success with the program’s small class sizes and personalized attention. All nursing students participate in experiential learning through classes that provide at least 760 hours of direct patient care.  Students also have the option to participate in a Global Health course which focuses on a service-learning project in a country outside of the United States.

While becoming a nurse or public health professional can be challenging, picking the right school shouldn’t be. University of South Carolina Beaufort’s Honors Nursing program offers a world-class education with a small town approach. 


"I definitely didn't know my first year as a nurse would be baptism by fire during a pandemic, but the resiliency and hard work that I developed in USCB's BSN Program is what's keeping me afloat."

-Kristen McDonald, Class of 2019

Internship Opportunities

In addition to the 1795 Scholarship, there are selected internships available.

If you are interested in learning about these opportunities, please submit your information and choice of preference by clicking the link below.

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