Turn Your Efforts Into Scholarships

USCB has one of the oldest traditions of higher education in the nation, dating to the 1795 Charter of Beaufort College.

The 1795 Scholarship awards eligible USCB students with a $1,000 per semester scholarship to be applied to Beaufort Campus Housing.

Featured Program of Study

Biology Honors & Marine Biology

Learn from a world renowned Marine Microbiologist, Dr. Kim B. Ritchie and distinguished Molecular Ecologist, Dr. Daniel (Tye) Pettay.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

The coastal location of USCB makes the study of marine biology only natural. As a Marine Biology student you will get hands-on experience from faculty who are microbe hunting for beneficial bacteria on living shark skins, listening for climate change in seasonal fish “songs” for mating, and researching the effects of coastal living on the health of our local waterways.


USCB's Marine Biology program is partnered with local and regional non-profits and agencies (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), S.C. Department of Natural Resources, Port Royal Sound Foundation, etc.) for student internships and job placement following graduation. With new courses focused on Marine processes and how research and governmental policies interact, you’ll be a part of something with a unique perspective not available at any other college in the southeastern U.S.
*Pending SC Comm. Higher Ed final approval

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Featured Program of Study


Dr. Brent Morris is an award-winning historian and author or editor of five books on the American experience, with four more set for publication in 2021. His work has also been published in the New York Times, the American Historical Review, Civil War History, the Journal of Southern History, the Journal of African American History, Southern Studies, and the South Carolina Historical Magazine. 

Under the guidance of Department Chair, Brent Morris, PhD., and an award-winning team of renowned historians, earn your History degree in a town that has one of the richest and most diverse histories of any in America. Become involved with Dr. Morris's Institute for the Study of the Reconstruction Era, the only Higher Ed center or institute in the world dedicated entirely to the study and promotion of the post - Civil War Reconstruction Era, and experience hands-on learning where five centuries of history have unfolded!


Featured Program of Study


Earn your degree while being mentored by internationally recognized artist, Chris Robinson, MFA. Robinson is a visual artist, professor of art, and chair of the University of South Carolina Beaufort Department of Visual Art & Design. Throughout his career, Prof. Robinson's work has incorporated initiatives such as the early use of computers in the arts to public scale laser and ambient light installations, aviation and space development, scientific exploration, 3D computing and complex drawings of digital spaces, and the rapid emergence of nanoscience/technology.

Situated in a vibrant downtown art community, USCB’s Department of Visual Art & Design provides students with a focus in studio art practice and theory, supported by art history, within the context of the liberal arts. The curriculum offers breadth of experience at the fundamentals level in Studio Arts and Media Arts, encouraging depth of study through upper level classes exploring a discipline of choice.

USCB's Studio Arts program provides students with a solid foundation in design theory and practice, offering classes in 2D Design, 3D Design, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics, Sculpture, Digital Photography, and Graphic Design. USCB's Media Arts concentration applies fine arts skills to digital media through experiential learning via real-world projects and internships, with classes in Media Design, Digital Imaging, Digital Animation, Broadcast Design, and Video Game Design.

As part of a liberal arts education at USCB, students are trained for careers as professional artists as well as prepared for graduate study through exposure to practice-based research methods. Combining the university experience with intense studio arts practice helps students apply their knowledge in today's changing world, providing the necessary background for a successful career in the arts.

Featured Program of Study

Nursing Honors

The University of South Carolina Beaufort (USCB) BSN program is approved by the South Carolina Board of Nursing. 

University of South Carolina Beaufort’s Honors Nursing program offers a world-class education with a small town approach. Personalized attention and small class sizes set USCB apart from larger programs. The faculty are highly educated experts in their fields and they never use Teaching Assistants - ever. Classrooms are equipped with technology and students learn how to become health professionals through a carefully built curriculum that supports student success. Learning approaches vary to accommodate different learners’ needs and all students learn how to become health professionals through a combination of classroom, simulation and experiential learning. Together, a modern curriculum, varied learning opportunities and outstanding faculty lead to an exceptional learning experience for USCB students who are well-prepared to enter practice.


Featured Program of Study

Business Honors

USCB Business Administration honors students receive a quality education in a setting that combines all the resources that a leading research university can provide in a learning environment that is personalized and tailored to allow each student to succeed. 

Coursework provides students with opportunities to integrate work experiences with concepts and theories the faculty provide. Students are asked to understand the theories found in business, and are encouraged to apply this knowledge to their work experiences. A learning environment is created by the faculty that prepares students to successfully meet the challenges of today's businesses and society.


Internship Opportunities

In addition to the 1795 Scholarship, there are selected internships available.

If you are interested in learning about these opportunities, please submit your information and choice of preference by clicking the link below.

Featured Program of Study


The purpose of the Bachelor of Science in Information Science & Technology (ISAT) with Concentration in Cybersecurity is to educate and train students for careers in technical areas related to the field of cybersecurity. Students completing the core courses of this program will gain deep technical knowledge to develop and maintain cybersecurity solutions along with an understanding of non-technical areas including administrative, ethical, and legal aspects of cybersecurity. And because the program encompasses the core requirements of the general ISAT major, the program also provides students with the knowledge and technical skills in both information processing and technology management. Graduates of the program will be equipped with broad knowledge in the design and integration of information technologies, enabling the development and implementation of new technologies for various science and business sectors.