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Fall 2021
Scholarships have been given for Fall 2021. Any applications received after 8/1 will be reconsidered for Fall 2022.

USCB has one of the oldest traditions of higher education in the nation, dating to the 1795 charter of Beaufort College.

The 1795 Scholarship awards eligible USCB students with a $1,000 per semester scholarship to be applied to Beaufort Campus Housing (Honors Building).

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To be eligible, please submit the below form and attach a Letter of Recommendation (from a teacher, coach, employer, or mentor that is not related to you). Please note all areas with an asterisk (*) must be filled to submit. 

You're also welcome to Download the Application, fill it out, and email it to info@1795Scholarship.com with a letter of recommendation for consideration.

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Upperclassmen and returning students are now eligible.