1795 Scholarship

To be eligible, you must meet at least two of the following criteria: one from Item #1 and one from Item #2.  During the academic year, you will be required to live in Beaufort Campus Housing (Honors Dorms/Housing).  All 1795 scholarships will be applied in their entirety to costs related to campus housing.


1. Student Eligibility:​

  • Newly Enrolling USCB Students 

  • Transfer Students (Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, or Seniors) accepted to and planning to attend USCB


2. Course of Study Eligibility:

  • Biology Honors

  • Marine Biology

  • History

  • Art

  • Nursing Honors

  • Business Honors

  • Lowcountry Studies Honors

New scholarships


Upperclassmen and returning USCB students are now eligible to receive Housing Scholarships!

In addition to the Scholarships for newly enrolling USCB Students, the 1795 Scholarship Committee is opening up scholarship opportunities for upperclassmen and returning USCB students who will be living in Beaufort Campus Housing (Honors Housing Building D).

The process is the same. Please apply online. We will be in touch via email within 2 weeks of your submission.


Q: Am I eligible if I'm living in Bluffton Campus Housing?

A: Scholarships are to be applied to Beaufort Campus Housing only.

Q: I'm a newly enrolling student at USCB and I will be living in Beaufort Campus Housing, am I eligible for this Scholarship?

A: Absolutely! Please Apply Today!

Q: I'm a current USCB student who will be returning and living in Beaufort Campus Housing, am I eligible for this Scholarship?

A: Yes! We have scholarships available for returning students.

Q: I will be transferring to USCB and living in Beaufort Campus Housing, am I eligible for this Scholarship?

A: Yes! Apply today!

Q: How many scholarships are awarded?

A: It varies. We are continuously soliciting donations to be able to grant as many scholarships as possible.

Q: How will I receive the funds?

A: Upon your move-in day arrival on the Beaufort Campus, you will receive your 1795 Scholarship check and can submit it onsite to USCB to be processed toward your housing fees. 

Q: How do I know if I received the scholarship?

A: We will email you within two weeks of your application submission. Please check your spam folder for the email you submitted in the application.

Apply Today

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USCB has one of the oldest traditions of higher education in the nation, dating to the 1795 charter of Beaufort College.